Everything is changing

by begin again

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released August 25, 2015

Recorded at panda east studios in fremont, ca with jon Lundin
mastered by piper payne at michael romanowski mastering
album art by billy sours



all rights reserved


begin again Los Angeles, California

ashley - vocals

andy - guitar/vocals

jon- drums/vocals

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Track Name: i ws nvr yr grlfrnd
this isnt fun anymore
the tour was over i died inside
im sorry so very sorry
i know im not an easy catch to hold

how do i talk to you
sometimes i shut you out
its easy to disappear into a bottle or the pills i swallow

do i disappoint you yet
will you go or will you stay ? what happens when i drink you away

these songs have no meaning
theyve lost all feeling
i loved all of you and it was exhausting
everything is changing
im not complaining
but its still hard for me to see that youre happy without me

blank page and clinched fist
tell me how to get through this
its easy to lose your vision when the path gets dark and the stairs become narrow

i just want to love myself i put my feelings on a shelf
i think its time to make a change
Track Name: pop punk's dead you're next
the worst people ive ever met were ones that played in bands
but not all of them are bad. just most of them
i like to think i try to be, my best to everyone i meet
but some of them will use you up just to get ahead
far ahead

do i stop do i go on
do i hold on ?
when its tough to be strong

hey man i cant wait for your show this week it should be sweet
ill go if you go to mine
a scene is just a highschool clique
that sadly hasnt grown up yet
dont you dare write songs like this
theyll blacklist you quick

bump this in your car when youre on your way back home
and youve played to the same kids that go to every show
theyll nod their heads and smile at you
youll think oh hey this is cool
the hardest thing is letting go
sometimes it hurts it always shows

i used to let my feelings out through a keyboard now i let it all out from a pen
they took my songs so i wrote new ones
to let out all that i held in

you could try to make it right
but i dont think ill be alright.
Track Name: cali's worst dancers pt 2
why would i wanna be with you
you make me fucking misearble
why do i even try

why do you wanna be with me
i only ever made you cry

last night i told you i loved you
but i was not thinking clearly
i lied about everything
i said you were the one for me but i wasnt thinking clearly

why would i ever wanna call you
you only ever made me cry
why do i see you now
why do you wanna be with me
i only ever let you down
i was born to only let you down

i lied about everything
he said
leave me the fuck alone i hope you fucking die alone

woah oh oh oh oh oh ohhhhhhhh
woah oh oh oh oh oh ohhhhhhhh